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Organic Coconut Flour / Coconut Fibre OrganicWheat-freeGluten-freeKosher
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Organic Coconut Flour / Coconut Fibre
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A gluten-free alternative to wheat that is rich in dietary fiber. 100% pure organic coconut flour. No fillers, additives or other nasties.
Our coconut flour is made from fresh organic coconut meat (only natural coconuts grown in the beautiful, tropical Philippine Islands are used) that is dried, defatted and then finely ground into a powder.
It is a gluten free source of carbohydrate, high dietary fibre, protein and fat that will allow you to lose weight and maintain healthy blood sugar levels by slowing the release of glucose-controlling insulin response.
It will:
• help control conditions such as diabetes
• have a low carb diet and lessen insulin resistance
• literally broom out your digestive system
• assist detoxify your body

At an amazing 7% coconut oil and 55% dietary fibre coconut flour will:
• promote heart and colon health
• support your immune system by helping normalise gut bacterial flora
• facilitate better digestion and promote digestive comfort
• promote absorption of vitamins and minerals
• improve cholesterol ratios

• Coconut Flour ideal for baking. It has fewer digestible (net) carbs than other flours, and it even has fewer digestible carbs than some vegetables! Substitute up to 30% of wheat flour in your recipes.
• Coconut Flour is gluten-free and hypoallergenic. With as much protein as wheat flour, coconut flour has none of the specific protein in wheat called "gluten."
• Coconut Flour consists of the highest percentage of dietary fibre (58%) found in any flour. Wheat bran has only 27% fibre.
• Coconut Flour can help you reach a healthy weight. Ideal for those who follow a low-carb eating plan, coconut flour works well as part of a weight loss program because it has high fibre, and foods with high fibre can help promote a feeling of fullness.

This product is: Organic, Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Kosher

  Per 100g
ENERGY 2763.00 kJ
PROTEIN 13.50 g 
FAT - TOTAL 8.00 g 
-saturated 7.00 g 
-sugars 5.00 g 
-fibre 55.00 g 
SODIUM 4 mg 

Organic Coconut (Palm) Sugar CERTIFIED ORGANIC
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