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Organic Spelt Instant Coffee OrganicWheat-free
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Organic Spelt Instant Coffee
$ 17.99 Add to cart
Instant coffee – caffeine free. Made from organic roasted spelt grain.
Kick the caffeine habit!!

Spelt coffee is a new product for fans of the various flavors of this cereal. It is prepared by carefully roasting the spelt grains and does not contain caffeine. A great healthy alternative to coffee, with its pleasant roasted flavor and full aroma.

It is suitable for pregnant and nursing women, children or people with high blood pressure.

Directions for Use
Use one teaspoon per cup, pour on hot water or milk and stir well.
Store in a cool dry place. Add Flavorings, such as vanilla, cinnamon or cocoa powder if desired and drink with milk or cream.

This product is: Organic, Wheat-free

  Per 100g
ENERGY 0.00 kJ
PROTEIN 0.00 g 
FAT - TOTAL 0 g 
-saturated 0.00 g 
-sugars 0.00 g 
-fibre 0.00 g 
SODIUM 0 mg 

Organic Spelt Coffee - ground CERTIFIED ORGANIC
Organic Spelt Coffee - ground
300g $ 5.99 Add to cart
Ground coffee substitute – caffeine free. Made from roasted spelt grain.
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