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Organic Barley Flour OrganicWheat-freeKosher
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Organic Barley Flour
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Barley Flour has a mild, slightly nutty flavor and a low gluten content.
Barley wholemeal flour is lighter than wheat wholemeal but darker in colour. It has a mild, slightly nutty flavour and can be used to replace part of the wheat flour in a recipe for a different flavor and texture.
Because of its low gluten content, adding barley flour helps tendering baked goods while still lending enough gluten to the recipe to allow it to rise properly, which can be useful in low-fat baking.
In yeast breads, barley flour can replace up to ¼ of the regular flour, and in quick breads and other baked goods, it can be used to replace up to ½ of the flour called for by the recipe.

Barley contains eight essential amino acids. According to recent studies, eating whole grain barley can regulate blood sugar (i.e. reduce blood glucose response to a meal) for up to 10 hours after consumption compared to white or even whole-grain wheat, which has a similar glycemic index.

Roasted barley can also be used as a coffee substitute.

This product is: Organic, Wheat-free, Kosher

  Per 100g
ENERGY 1451.00 kJ
PROTEIN 10.00 g 
FAT - TOTAL 3.00 g 
-saturated 0.00 g 
-sugars 1.00 g 
-fibre 10.00 g 
SODIUM 0 mg 
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