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Natural Stevia Extract (brown) Wheat-freeGluten-free
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Natural Stevia Extract (brown)
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100% pure brown stevia leaf extract powder. No additives, binders, fillers or sweeteners.
Most stevia is white as it is highly processed/bleached and usually an extract of an isolated chemical of the plant. MBM brown stevia powder is rich in active and beneficial phytochemicals that occur naturally in this plant. Over 100 phytochemicals have been discovered in stevia so far. It is rich in terpenes and flavonoids.

This product is a fine extract powder which is suitable to add to meals & smoothies, beverages, or to prepare your own teas, tinctures or extracts. stevia can be used raw but may also be used in cooking and baking.
A small bag of stevia goes a long way. We recommend adding very small amounts at a time and gradually increase to avoid over-sweetening a dish. As a sugar replacement, one teaspoon brown stevia equals the sweetness of approximately 20 teaspoons cane sugar. Brown stevia is not as potent as the more processed liquid or white stevia versions, and its best used to enhance other sweeteners (such as agave or honey), to lower the sugar content in recipes.
Traditionally stevia is used as a natural sweetener, for diabetes, high blood pressure, cavity prevention and as a weight loss aid. But it also becomes more popular for its flavour. The herby, licorice-like undertone adds the little extra to many everyday dishes.

In his book "Healing With Whole Foods", Paul Pitchford cautions, "Obtain only the green or brown [whole] stevia extracts or powders; avoid the clear extracts and white powders, which, highly refined and lacking essential phyto-nutrients, cause imbalance".

Ingredients: 100% pure stevia. No additives, binders, fillers or sweeteners.

This product is: Wheat-free, Gluten-free

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